Pregnancy: Keeping the Sexual Fire Burning

Sex is great. That needs no telling. How else do we appraise a pleasurable activity that results in the conception of life? It would only be an act of ingratitude to halt the pleasurable moments of intimacy because of a good derived from it. Also, as much as pregnancy may influence the sexual habits and activities, it does not totally eliminate the urge to play intimate. After all, we are humans with needs to be met and partners to satisfy.


But decrease in libido _thanks to hormones, emotional stress, physical discomfort not to mention complications like  pre eclampsia, history of miscarriage, premature labor and others could pose a threat to sexual pleasure.  For every issue, there is a corresponding solution. A corresponding solution to setbacks in sex during pregnancy is what these tips serves to offer.

Know where you stand

Really, sex is as safe as permissible during pregnancy. If there are no complications like history of preterm labor, risk of miscarriage, vaginal bleeding etc., sex is medically not prohibited at any stage of pregnancy.  However, it is best to seek expert advise on your options especially if you nurse any fear.  By so doing, you will be informed of what’s safe and what’s not.

Caregivers may advise pregnant women to exercise caution in the first trimester to ward off the likelihood of pressure on the cervix. But for most women who are having a low risk pregnancy, sex is generally safe

Don’t rule out sex.

So your doctor has given you the green light and your husband is not on a 9 month professional course outside the shores of homeland. But you feel sex is the last thing to complement your moodiness, morning sickness and chubbier physique. Halt the thought! Don’t make it look as though pregnancy dismisses all other facets of life.

In fact, sex may be the all you need to get your mood lifted. If caressing does not seem to work for you anymore, try getting massaged by your partner.  A general body massage may get your body relaxed and more receptive.

Explore other means.

Sex during pregnancy despite the medical go-ahead can be a turn off for some women. Low libido is one of the many things that can feature in a pregnancy. As important as it is to keep pregnancy going, marital relationship should not have to pay the price. Kissing, cuddling, mutual pleasuring and romance etc. can be an alternative means of deriving pleasure. Even oral sex (in the absence of infections) is considered safe while expecting. Sexual fulfilment in marriage is not only about the actual sex, but enjoying intimacy in much comfortable and satisfying ways you never thought possible.

Eliminate stress

To keep the sexual fire burning, reserve a good portion of your energy for sex’s sweet sake. Don’t overwork yourself throughout the day, have plenty of sleep, think positive and get as much rest as needed. Stress is a turnoff to sexual pleasure, don’t indulge it.

Take advantage of the offers.

During pregnancy, there will be fluctuating moments of sexual desires. This is normal and expected. However, smartness is in being able to utilize those chances of sexual urges which lasts not forever.

 The second trimester is popular for bring a safe sex phase when an increase in sex drive may be experienced. Yet, some women discover that the increase in blood flow to the vagina area and frequent wetness of the vagina during the third trimester puts them in the mood. Whatever works for you, just don’t let the opportunity to pleasure slip by

Communicate your feelings and needs to your partner

During pregnancy, old sexual habits, desires and needs may need to be adjusted while new ones needs to be tried. Communicating your feelings and needs to your spouse would ensure that you both work towards a satisfactory experience.

Find your comfort positions and styles

Sex during pregnancy may suddenly become herculean to both partners as the fear of hurting the baby, physical discomforts owing to a bulging belly may make finding a comfortable position difficult. Keep experimenting until you arrive at a safer, more comfy style and option.

See pregnancy sex positions you could try :

Help your partner.

In some cases, it is the men who deny themselves and their spouses the pleasure of sex. They may be worried about hurting the baby or the mother during the process of enjoyment so that they shut their mind off sex. These men need to be encouraged and reassured by their spouses that sex, when practiced safe does not harm the baby and it is of great benefit to the mother. If there are still concerns, they may need to hear the fact from your caregiver or visit a sex therapist.

Think of sex as a form of relaxation.

Sex is as relaxing as one practices it to be. During sex, partners experience an increase in the heart beat as a result of increase blood flow, sweat could be dismissed from the skin as a result of body activities and the satisfying feeling of warmth, ease and enjoyment after an  orgasm can all be grouped under the relaxation effect of sex. However, it can only be as relaxing as it is practiced. Partners should not engage in the act for duty purpose but to obtain pleasure. A sure way to obtain more pleasure is seeing sex as a form of relaxation; a sort of exercise, a stress breaker, a play of intimacy and love. Think of those post sex routines; sleep, shower, calm, rest and maybe another round of pleasure.