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So my husband and I are deciding between two names, but my mother in law really wants us to use a certain name which we both despise because it was someone’s name in high school that we both had trouble with. 

The name is: Virginia. I strongly dislike that name for many reasons. 

1. Like I just said, it was the name of a really bratty popular girl we both went to high school with. My husband and I didn’t start dating until Senior year and she tried to make him cheat multiple times. She was in love with him. 

2. It reminds me of a vagina. I know, sort of childish, but we called the girl from high school vagina as a joke. 

3. My best friend got into a fatal car accident while driving to Virginia to see her aunt for Thanksgiving. 

4. The name isn’t my type of name, or my husband’s. We aren’t too into older names, some have exceptions, but this one obviously isn’t. We just really don’t like the name!!

But my mother in law is pressuring us into name the baby Virginia, which we keep telling her over and over we don’t like the name!! 

My phone doesn’t allow me to screenshot, because it’s broken, but i’m getting a new one in 5 days exactly, so I’ll just type out what our messages were like. I have permission from my husband to include her name, which is Lola. 

Lola: Hi Averie! I hope that your pregnancy is going wonderful so far. Cannot wait for baby Virginia to arrive! I got this bib for her that says her name on it. It is on its way in the mail should be here in about 13 days 

Me: My pregnancy is going good, thank you!! We still aren’t sure what her name is, but we can say that it isn’t gonna be Virginia. I’m sorry about that. 

Lola: Averie dear, I’ve told you several times that Virginia is a wonderful name she should have. Please dear consider it! It would mean so much to me 

Me: I know, but it really isn’t our type of name. I’ve also told you that we have other names in mind 

Lola: But please Aves just name her Virginia, you can call her Ginny! Oh my God that’s so cute 

Me: No thank you. We already have other names picked out. I have to go, Lesenna wants to play house, I’ll text you later, love you! 

Lola: Tell Lessy I say hi, give her a big smooch n hug from me! Ps. Virginia is so adorable dear. Love ya too dear 

Oh my lord my fingers hurt so much. Oh well. As you can see, she’s over obsessing about the goddamn name Virginia! Those are our daily conversations, she texts me and my husband daily about that name. 

Oh and by the way, Lesenna is my other daughter. She’s 4. But her grandma calls her Lessy which is another thing I cannot stand. 

What the hell do I do??

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