My Wife’s Friend


I met Seun through my wife. Light skinned, petite and pretty. She seemed to like my wife a lot and my wife appeared to feel the same way. They had quite a close bond. She was married herself with a daughter.

Seun would come around the house now and then but I never conversed with her beyond the usual hello’s and hi’s.

One day, I realized she wasn’t visiting anymore.

“Baby, what’s up with you and Seun na?” I asked my wife out of sheer curiosity, “I haven’t seen her around here in a while”

“Oh! we’re good o,” my wife casually replied, patting her face with a powder foam, “She’s just busy I guess..”

“I see”

“Besides, she and her husband are almost going through a divorce..”

“Wow. What happened?”

My wife shrugged, snapped her powder close and replaced it on the dressing mirror in front of her, “irreconcilable differences, coupled with the fact that the man has been making demands of a threesome…”


“I know right?” she nodded at me, “Their issues are really compiled”

I felt sorry for Seun.

That day when I got to the office, I looked her up on WhatsApp. I had always had her number but never had a reason in my four years of marriage to Monica to contact her, and neither did she.

I found her, and I could not help but notice the pretty photo she set of herself on her profile – smiling dashingly as if she was not sinking in pain…as I assumed  a woman in her situation would.

“I’m sorry about what you ‘may’ be going through, Monica told me… I hope you don’t mind..” I wrote her. “It’s David” I quickly added as an after thought.

“I know” she replied almost immediately, “It’s okay”

“How are you coping?” I went on.

“Striving. Numb for the most part”

Immediately, the intercom on my desk rang, interrupting the reply my mind had begun to cook up.

I picked it up to my ear and listened as the secretary invited me to the meeting currently going on downstairs. I agreed to be there and in a haste, wrote to her, “Listen, I’m here if you ever need to talk.”  With that, I sprang up from my chair and walked out of the office.


She contacted me two nights after that day.

I was in bed with Monica fast asleep beside me when my WhatsApp chimed with a notification from her, “Awake?” she wrote.

“Yes” I replied, “Perusing mails.” I watched her read my message without replying then I followed up with a, “Are you okay?”

“No” she replied.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Is it really okay to confide in you? I mean, I don’t want any trouble” she worried.

“There will be none.” I assured her. “You’ve more or less been a friend of the family. So feel free”

“Is Monica there?”

“Yes, but she’s asleep”


“What’s the matter Seun? Exactly tonight, what’s keeping you up?”

“#sigh. We had a fight… because I won’t let him go anal…” My eyes almost popped out of its socket. “I am honestly tired Michael, I’m tired of this union, I’m tired of this pain…”

She went on to enumerate her challenges in the marriage, pages upon pages she wrote and I read every word, listening to her as time ticked away on the clock hung up against the wall of my bedroom.

When it was 2:30 am, we said good night.


The morning of the following day, as Monica and I got dressed in our bedroom to begin our day, I refrained from mentioning my conversation with Seun to her.

I did think about saying something, but I wasn’t sure so I kissed her goodbye instead, drove our two boys to school then went over to my office.

As soon as I sat down at my desk, I sent Seun a text, just to check up on her. You see, in spite of how sad our subject of conversation was the night before, I liked talking to her. Her choice of words and methods of expressions was quite interesting. What was more? I cared about her situation; after all, she was a friend of my wife.

She replied, stating that the atmosphere at her house was still tense. I gave her a few words of encouragement and settled down to work. By evening, I found myself checking up on her again.

These checkups continued, and our communication developed into a friendship.

By the clock of two weeks, Seun and I were steadily conversing, no longer just about her troubled marriage but about life in general. We talked about how our day was going, what she had for lunch, what I had for lunch. Her favorite songs, my favorite songs, our fantasies, what her daughter did, what my sons did, most memorable sexual encounters… it was exciting, however, we kept it all online.

There was no denying that our closeness had grown into fondness, as well as sexual tension. A part of me felt guilty, but the other part reminded me that Seun no longer seemed to be friends with my wife; she did not come around the house anymore and I and her did not meet up in person, so I was simply enjoying a harmless friendship, and I must say, I really enjoyed talking to her.

By the fifth week, we agreed to a meeting in person – finally.

We met up at Maison Fahrenheit’s bar on the Island. She came looking good and smelling nice. We had a few drinks at the cozily dim bar, and dared to share a kiss, and then some more – thankfully, the bar was quite empty.

After a couple of sneaky make out sessions, we agreed to get a room.

I paid and we were escorted into our fully lit furnished room.

As soon as we were left alone, we went at each other – fully charged with desire. Our clothes went off and in no time, I had her nipple in my mouth. She cried with desire, and I groaned from wanting her for so long.

My body became one with hers but that contact was unfortunately an anti-climax for me. I am no carrot seller yet I understood in that moment, why her husband had been demanding for anal.

I managed to get it done with. Managed to meet up a few other times and have a couple of rounds before the whole relationship became less interesting to me. More so, she became excessively clingy, and bold.

She would call my phone at odd hours of the day as opposed to chatting and this irritated me. Her boldness was so daring, it was almost like she wanted us to get caught.

One Monday afternoon, she sent me an mp3 attachment of a song whose lyrics promised ‘forever’. She said she was dedicating it to me and I knew after listening to that song meant for two people who were in love and wanted to be together, that it was time for me to end things with her.

I called her up and calmly but firmly excused myself from the ‘relationship’.

To my surprise, she took it well.

I ended that call, feeling very good with myself.


One Saturday afternoon, I was at home, watching the ESPN match in my living room when my phone chimed. I picked up the device and to my surprise, it was Seun calling. We hadn’t spoken since that Monday afternoon, matter of fact, I thought that we were done.

“Hi Michael, are you home?” she inquired upon me answering.

“No” I lied, “I’m out of the Country”

“Okay” she said and hung up.

Confused as to why she would ask that question at all, I refused to ponder on her possible reasons. I dropped my phone to the sofa beside myself and resumed watching my match. 

***30 Minutes Later***

The doorbell rang and my wife came running down the stairs, excitedly.

Her excitement was not directed at anything she wanted to share with me because she went straight for the door, pulled it open and in walked Seun…

To Be Continued…


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