So I was always curious as to why most women can’t go into labor naturally.. I did a lot of research and interviewed woman in my life who’s had natural labor . Now I’m not saying that my findings are 100% accurate but in my opinion makes sense . Here’s what I learned most labor happen at night . The environment has a lot to do with it . If you are in a environment where it’s noisy , too much light , stressed . You and your body are not comfortable. I’ve heard of woman going into labor and as soon as they reach the hospital most times labor stalls and other measures have to be considered. The woman I know who went into labor natural where in the comfort of their bed or home . Lights out or dimmed . Mom has to feel safe and relaxed . Makes sense like animals ( why do they hide to give birth ?! ) they need a safe quiet and dark environment. We tend to get overwhelmed with all these thoughts , concerns and stress . My friend said when she started having contractions she didnt immediately go to the hospital she instead stayed calmed and played relaxing music she said her contractions got more intense but she continued to remain calm when she felt a pushing sensation she headed to l&d where she was 8cm dialated . Seems that melatonin and oxytocin is released when mom is calm and stress free from environment. Now why do I think all this makes sense . ? Well I went into labor with my daughter at home . After eating chocolate and having sex lol but either way it was just me and hubby . My son was with my mom . I felt relaxed on my bed with only the tv on low . ( sex = oxytocin. Relaxed = melatonin ) my contractions came and really intense . We decided to walk to the hospital when I got there I was 5cm but then it stalled I didn’t feel relaxed with all the medical staff in my face asking me questions etc . I was then put on pitocin . I wonder had I stayed home longer would I have given birth there or possibly make in time to the hospital in time to push ?! . I want this pregnancy to go natural . Im 36 weeks 2 days but from now on ima going to change my environment at home in hopes that when baby is ready so is my body ????