No, you are NOT a fool. You are a WIFE


Just because you keep quiet for the sake of peace does not make you a fool. No you are not a fool, infact you are a very wise woman

“Submission isn’t the domination of a stronger will over a weaker will. It’s not about being a doormat; It’s about yielding, which shows strength. Trees yield fruit. There’s a sense of productivity, not destruction but participation in a bigger goal.” Sheri greg

For years, I fought submission as if it was a death sentence. I still do sometimes(thanks to the women liberation mentality introduced to us by the western world) I preached the Biblical concept of submission, but my behaviors demonstrated what I truly believed.

I mistakenly believed that I had to choose between
submission vs. my freedom.
Submission vs. my happiness.
Submission vs. being my own person.

Have you ever looked up the opposite of “submit”? You would be shocked to find a list of verbs that describe our damaging behaviors in our marriage: it means to demand(our will all the time), to deny(our husbands of our unreserved love), to fight(progress), to frustrate(his efforts). And there’s more – to hide, ignore, limit, obstruct, refuse, reject, resist, run, stop, take back, withdraw.

Marriage has taught me that the opposite of submission isn’t freedom, happiness, or individuality but that everyday I am not submissive I face the choice between

– submission vs. demanding that my husband does things my way.
– submission vs. frustrating my husband with my stubborn insistence that I know best about everything and in all situations.
– submission vs. hiding my weakness from my husband so he can’t use it against me.
– submission vs. limiting the depth of intimacy and tenderness in our union.
– submission vs. rejecting the man I promised to love, honor, and cherish.
– submission vs. running away emotionally and/or running my own little side show.

Our husbands watch us everyday to see “if we actually will respond to them and accept them…whether we would choose them again. Just like I did when we first said ‘I do’”

So submission–at least for me–is saying “I do” all over again. Just as I did on my wedding.

How has resistance to submission impacted your life and relationships? Have you gained anything from being un-submissive? I would like to hear your views.

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