Parenting competition


Have you ever wondered who your child loves the most? Have you ever felt resentment that your child prefers the other parent to you? Do you secretly have that favourite child who loves you back just the way you love them?

You will find this interesting….

A young girl hurt herself and needed to go the hospital.

Since only one parent would be able to accompany her, they asked the sad little girl, “who do you prefer to go with you, Mum or Dad?”

“Dad,” the girl said between her tears.

So Dad went, and Mum spent the next few hours trying not to feel hurt by her daughter’s choice.

And then, Dad came home.

Mum tried to put on a calm expression, but her husband could see that she was distraught.

“You’re upset that she chose me, aren’t you?” he asked her gently.

“Kind of,” she admitted, “after all, I’m her mother!”

“You know,” said her husband, “as soon as our daughter was bandaged up, she looked at me sadly and said, ‘Where’s Mummy? I want Mummy.'”

She needed her dad to feel safe and secure, but once the scary part was over, she just wanted comfort… And for that, she needed Mummy.

Both parents have a part to play in their child’s life. A lot of times we get upset when a child chooses one parent over the other (I know I used to) but the truth is the choice depends on their moods and what they are feeling at the time. It does not really matter who the child chooses, what matters is you are both the parents and you work together as a team. No one is winning the child’s love. IT IS NOT A COMPETITION. And if in your heart of hearts you know you have not contributed positively to the child’s life or shown enough love to make them choose the other parent over and over again, start making that contribution now. It is never too late.

A child will love you back only as much as you have shown love to them. Don’t limit your expression of love, in time they will respond.

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