Super Mum


Have you ever heard of Super Mum?

Well, I have.

I have heard so much about her. She has an immaculate, professionally decorated house because she works really hard to make sure the house is in order; she has smart, beautiful children; she buys every material possession she or her family could ever want; she’s married to a man who is smart, handsome, and makes plenty money to provide for his home, and they get along so well without any problems; she has a side job of her own, she is always available to be part of almost all the activities in church at least twice a week; and she still manages to look great in a beautiful size 8 dress after three kids!


I want all of the mums in the house to know that this creature does not exist. There is no such thing as a Super Mum. If you think a person you know is a real-life Super Mum, she probably has high blood pressure, plenty of guilt, loads of resentment for her partner, never gets enough sleep, and often feels guilty, frustrated, and lonely. In other words, Super Mum is an illusion.

This is to all the presumed Super Wives and super mums:
– Stop playing Super hero. Nobody expects you to be one.
– Stop feeling guilty about making time for yourself. Pamper yourself and give yourself some me time at least twice every week. You can only make others happy when you are happy.
– Stop overworking yourself when you have ‘spare time’. Sleep or rest when your baby takes a nap and forget about cleaning the house.”
– Stop spreading yourself too thin. Choose simplicity over multi-tasking. Keep it simple and don’t try to do what it would take five people to do. Giving the best of you is the most important thing that you can offer.

In simple english – don’t do more than you are capable of doing. Nobody, not even your husband expects you to. If you decide to do it out of your free will, your husband will appreciate it for a few minutes and be proud of you, but don’t turn it into a competition and expect that he should do the same.

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