Teach your child about safety


Nursery rhymes and “ABC’s” are important things to teach a child. However, that shouldn’t be the parents’ only concern. Long before a child learns to speak, parents should have thought of ways to teach child safety.

Keeping children secure is every parent’s primary concern. Thus, it is very crucial that, along with educating the children with the numbers and letters, they be taught about what is safe and what is not.

There are several ways to teach child safety and these could start early on. It is necessary that a child knows his full name, address and telephone number. He should also be taught how to call for help in case he is in trouble. Children should have an open line of communication with their parents so that they can freely ask their doubts and blurt out their fears.

Parents have the responsibility of looking for effective ways to teach child safety. Their response to troubles and emergency instances would depend on how they were taught to react to these circumstances. Parents should make sure that their childrens know their safety is a major issue. It doesn’t mean that they should live in fear. Don’t make an ugly picture of the world, but make them aware that there are indeed bad guys out there. Letting them think that the world is like their fairytale books and that they are safe all the time are not the best way to teach child safety. That would make them put down their guard, making them easy targets of abductor and/or sexual offenders. Let them learn how to listen to their instincts and act on those.

Child safety has actually different levels and these are all based on the situations that the child encounters. The most useful ways to teach child safety is to make them know these different levels. Parents should be able to educate their children on how to use their fears to benefit them. Children who have been taught how to act on emergency situations will be able to handle their fears really well. Teach them to trust their instincts to help them get out of trouble.

One of the most efficient ways to teach child safety is to be consistent and firm in disciplining the children. Parents should give their clear views on things and rules should be firm. Bending these rules will make them think that anything else can be haggled at. This belief will compromise their safety. Children should have a general understanding of the rules and the corresponding punishments, if disobeyed. A firm but gentle reprimand and an explanation will give the child a clear idea that you mean what you say. Mutual respect follows, creating a more conducive atmosphere for ways to teach child safety.

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