Teaching gratitude


Every night when I put my children to bed, we talk about our day and we talk about the things we are thankful for.

‘I’m thankful for my classmates’
‘I’m grateful for mummy taking me to school’
‘Hmmmm, I’m thankful for food.’ (My babies don’t joke with their food o)

I believe it is really important to be grateful and thankful for the things in our life. And one of the legacies I want to leave for my children is to teach them to be grateful for what they have and see the good in every situation.

Talking about what we’re thankful for at the end of the day is a simple way of teaching gratitude to children. A lot of times when I’m taking them to school, I’ll list out the things I’m grateful for at that moment. For the skies, for the showers of blessings (if its raining). For all the traffic light working in our favour, for them getting ready on time so we are not late. I know some of these concepts may seem farfetched to a young child, but as long as I lead by example and live in gratitude, I know my children will follow. (Plus bedtime is a good time to hear all about their day through daily thanksgiving. Its a win-win).

He who is knee deep in praise and gratitude will be too busy to notice problems. What legacy do you want to leave for your children?

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