The Affair



Mike hadn’t come home in the past weeks, kept calling him but he refused to pick my callsI got a blue tick every time I sent him a WhatsApp message – he was reading them yet he wasn’t replying

I moved through the motions with every day that went by, I was besides myself with pain then Monday morning happened! That day had started off like any other day, prepared my girl’s for school and they hopped on the school bus and waved me goodbye. I stepped into the shower to take a bath myself. I had just come out of the shower when I heard a knock on my door, it must be neighbor thought, I tied a wrapper on my chest and went downstairs to open the door, a young man stood there instead, looking back at my confused face. He handed a binded document to me.

Good morning Ma. You’ve been served” he said then turned around and walked away.

The events of the last few weeks had been crazy, every day held something more horrifying than the day before, not expecting anything good from this day, I flipped open the document and another heartbreak stared me in the face.

My life was over, I was completely finished!

I trudged back into the house and shut the door after me. dropped into the couch and read aimlessly through the A4 sized papers. I laid back on the couch, dropped an arm over my forehead and let the itchy tears flow.

had hoped it won’t come to this. I didn’t think he would do this. I let my mind travel back to the day it all began…


MAY 2017

rushed to the ATM to make some withdrawals, the queue was particularly long that day and I didn’t have the time to wait for a long time. The school bus would be dropping the kid’s off any time soon and I needed to be there to unlock the door for them. I had spent the past hour at the market and decided to do a quick stop at the Bank for some cash before heading home. I stood there constantly glancing at my wristwatch and shaking my leg impatiently. The bearded tall dark man at the forefront must have noticed because he gestured to me to jump the queue in front of him. Feeling pleasantly surprised, I moved out of line and walked forward then got in front of him, ignoring the snide complains and angry hisses of the other people who were on the queue.

“Thank you so much, I’m so grateful” I said looking over my shoulders at the stranger. His nose was pointed and his face was so beautifully crafted, God must have taken his time on this one!

You’re welcome” he responded, flashing a set of well arranged white teeth. “You must be in such a haste. I noticed your demeanor minutes ago, you didn’t even park properly  he said nodding towards my car that sat wrongly parked behind another car.

“Oh!” I hissed and laughed a little, “Don’t mind me, my kid’s would be home soon and I have to be there. I don’t have a help

He nodded understandably. “have two boys myself so I know how it can be, my wife is always trying to keep up as well. You women are trying” he smiled.

smiled. “Yeah, what can we do”

The line moved forward atwo people stepped out to the machines to make their withdrawal. There were two more people in front of me, I glanced at my watch, I would be out of here in less than five minutes. I felt glad. “Thanks so much” I said to the stranger again, feeling very grateful.

He smiled. You’re welcome

My turn came and I stepped forward while the stranger got to the other machine. We finished making our withdrawal and walked away simultaneously. He stopped me before I got to my car.

“Can I have your number? I’m Dapo by the way”

I’m Funke, but why do you want my__”

“Oh! He shrugged “I don’t know, friends I guess? It won’t hurt to have one more friend would it?”

looked this man from head to toe, he was well fit, he oozed of money and prestige. Mike was barely home, with his job that kept him away from town I was left feeling lonely most of the time, it really won’t hurt having someone to talk to besides the kids“07063567891” recited and he punched each word into his Iphone X. 

I’m calling you now” he said.

My phone buzzed in my hand. “Got it!” I said, he nodded, shot me a two finger salute then walked towards his carunlocked mine and drove out of the premises.


He called me a day after and asked that we have lunch together, I obliged. We met at Royal China Restaurant. I wore a gold metal fitted dress that stopped at my knees, with strappsandal’s to match, and I was glad I did because his well-tailored black suit looked so good on him.

He rose to his feet as I walked towards the table, he held out the chair for me and I sat on it before he walked round to his. I carefully placed my purse on the round table top and relaxed into the chairThis man was so handsome and posh, me, I was an average, I still couldn’t believe he had interest in me at all, and I couldn’t believe I was here, with him, the only men I had hung out with since I married Mike four years ago were my brothersIt’s just a harmless lunch, I reminded myself.

“You look beautiful” He said, breaking into my thoughts.

I smiled and flashed up my brows Thank youYou look good too“. What I really wanted to say was, you look incredibleeeeeeeeee!!! because dang! he was dashing. How did someone like him even like me?.

“So, how are you?”

I’m good. How are you?” I asked back.

It’s been a crazy morning, but I’m fine, now” he added with a broad smile and I laughed back with him.

He clicked his fingers at the waiter and a young man in uniform walked to our table. “Good afternoon Sir, good afternoon Ma”

Afternoon. I’ll have the pineapple rice with some beef ribs and a bottle of red wine ” he said pointing at the menu. He looked up at me. I was still going through mine. I decided on the shitake fried rice with water chestnuts. The waiter bowed and walked away.

“So, who is Funke? Let me know her”

What is going on? Is this a date? I thought.

I shrugged. “There’s nothing much to say, my life is really boring

Let me be the judge of that” he said looking steadily into my eyes. Gosh! his eyes made me feel so shy. He looked so handsome!

I shrugged smiling. “I have two girls. I’m a housewife. And my life basically revolved around the kids. My husband works at a rig in Port Harcourt and visits occasionally, so it’s just me and the girls most of the timeIt’s boring

Hmn” He nodded taking a sip of water. “You don’t want to work?

“I do but my husband thinkwe should be done with kids first”

The waiter returned and placed our dishes before us. Thank you” he nodded to the waiter and the young boy walked away.

So, it’s not what you really want? He asked in all seriousness. “To be a stay home mum?”

I shook my head then laughed. “Enough about me! How about you? What’s your story” I fetched a fork full of rice and put it into my mouth.

Two kids too, boys. Married for Three Years. I’m based in Abuja. My company only posted me here to complete a project

haonly just met him and he was going to leave. I tried to hide my disappointment. “So you’re not staying for long?”

He shook his head and put some food into his mouth, smiling at me as he chewed. He swallowed. “You’re very beautiful you know that?”

dropped my head and blushed, began to fiddle with my fork.

“I’m sure you hear that a lot” he added.

I smiled broadly and rolled my eyes up at himThe last time I felt this nervous was when I was sixteen.

By the time lunch was over, he had given me enough to reminisce and smile about.


We talked every day after that day. Mike didn’t always reply to my messages on time, he did more of calling but with Dapo, he was a texter just like was, so we messaged each other back and forth, it was nice. He would send me photos of himself at work, at a meeting, at the gym, doing different things. We grew fond of each other quickly. Before I met him, my life had been mundane and boring. The only excitement I had were the girls but they were just kid’s, with Dapo, I had an adult whom I could have real conversations with and the best part was that he tickled mfancy.

We met up when my kids were at school. Because of my status and because it was my town, we tried to keep it as discreet as possible so we avoided going around too much. We narrowed it down to a particular restaurant in a coded area of Benin. As much as I wanted to take him up on his offer of going to see The Avengers when the movie got released, I couldn’t, the best time to go would have been at night but I couldn’t leave my kids at home alone and I couldn’t risk being seen in the public with him either.

Mike came home for a week and I had to inform Dapo so that we didn’t talk during that time. Iwas pure torture. I missed him so much. I was happy that Mike was home but I couldn’t wait for when I would see Dapo again. 

Mike left on an early morning flight a week after, almost at the same time the school bus picked up the kids. As soon as I waved the girls goodbye, I went back into the house and eagerly called Dapo. He answered on the second ring

God! I missed you!” he breathed into the phone.

Where are you?” I couldn’t wait to see him.

Imy hotel, I’m staying in today”

I’ll be headed to the restaurant in an hour, you’ll meet me there won’t you?”

Ehnm, why don’t you come here?” he suggested. My heart dropped. “You’ve never come here before he added.

I knew what going to his hotel room meant and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that yetbut I missed him too much to turn him down.

“Hello? are you there?” he asked.

Yes. Okay, send a description. I’ll be there soon”

Can’t wait” I could here the joy in his voice.

See you soon” I said and hung up.

I dashed into the bathroom for a shower. I had missed him so much. Going a week without speaking to him had been so hard, and now I couldn’t wait to see him again. I was like a child who was about to visit Disneyland. 

He made me feel like a child again.

stepped out of the shower and took my time on my makeupput on a pair of white jeans with a red T shirt and some Red sneakers. I let my silky straight hair fall down to my back. I grabbed my car keys and walked out of the house, locking it securely behind me. I got into the car, typed the hotel address into google maps and began to drive following the voice prompter. drove into the hotel twenty minutes later and pulled up under a shade. I walked into the reception and waited as the receptionist called his room to confirm my visit.

“You can go in Ma” she smiled politely.

I climbed up the stairs and knocked on his room door. The door flung open almost immediately and I rushed into his arms. I couldn’t even hide how much I had missed him. He hugged me back tightly and we just stood there in each other’s arms. He smelled of fresh soap and cologne, could have stood there with my head against his chest forever. I was falling for this man. He pulled me into the room and used his leg to shut the door close. He leaned back to look at my face. I smiled up nervously at him, he looked so handsome, he always did. He pushed a strand of hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear. “I should have met you first” he said. “You should have been my wife”

Me too__”

He took my lips into his and kissed me warmly. I didn’t object, it had been long coming. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tipped upwards, pressing further into him. His kisses were warm and precise. His lips felt so soft and his breath so fresh as I kissed him back with reckless abandonWhen he edged me towards the large bed, I moved backward willingly. lowered myself into the bed and allowed him to undress me, I was so excited, I almost could not wait. He was eager too because he ruffled out of his shorts and plunged deep into me. Mtoes curled downwards and I grabbed the sheets with both hands as I felt his heaviness pleasantly inside of me. It felt wonderful. I didn’t think of Mike. I didn’t think of anything. I was simply present in the moment, moaning and running my hands over his back as he thrust me to orgasm.

I was sure now, I was in love with him!


Dapo’s completed his project and he went back to Abuja. Our relationship became online, we would chat and send photos as much as we could. Our photos were more of nudes now. He brought out a sexiness in me I hadn’t felt with Mike. The way he kissed and complimented my imperfections made me forget that I even had any. I was no longer ashamed of my stretch marksI found myself posing seductively in photos and they even looked nice! I felt like a whole new person with Dapo. I no longer minded when Mike couldn‘t come home for some weekends – we were fighting a lot anyway and I didn’t need that negativity. I didn’t mind much either, I had Dapo to always turn to when things got too heated between Mike and I.  Dapo did all the right things, he didn’t spare his money on me either. He bought me anything I wanted, I had a whole new wardrobe because of him, I was having the time of my life!

was home one night, watching TV with my girls when my phone started to ring. Iwas Dapo. I picked it up gladly and went to the dinning table where my kids could not really hear me talking.

“Hey…” I said, smiling as if he could see me.

“Hey darling, how are you?”

I’m fine, watching Tv with the girls”

What are you girls watching?

“Cartoon. The kids love it so I’m just tagging along. I would rather be watching something else

He laughed. “My sons are the same way. I left the parlor for them and their mother, I’m in my room now

I laughed. “I miss you”

“I miss you more which is why I’ve booked a flight to be in Benin before tomorrow morning”

cupped a hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming for joy. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I can’t spend another day away from you”

“Awwwwwh babeI’m so delighted!!”

“Me too. See you soon okay?”.

Okay, sleep tight”.

was elated!!! I couldn’t wait for morning.


We laid in bed after an exhaustive round of sex. had gotten to the hotel the moment he arrived Benin.

He placed a kiss on my forehead. “I have some mails to attend to” He said rubbing my arm. “Do you mind?

“No” I answered. He reached out for his laptop and placed the system on his laps. I snuggled back to him. He turned it on and the screen came alive with a picture of his wife and his sons. It was the first time I was seeing her. She was beautiful! She had flatterinfigure in spite of her kids, I had been expecting her to be out of shape and without style but she wasn’t. It made me wonder why he would even be with me when he had all of that

“Your wife is fine…” It didn’t come from the heart, what I really felt was jealousy.

He smiled and placed a kiss on my forehead then returned his focus to the Microsoft Excel page he opened.

“What is she like?” I wasn’t ready to drop the topic.

Well, she is not you!” He said typing away.

I felt bad. I wished he was all mine. I could see us living happily together. He sensed my quiet demeanor and looked sideways at me, I was sadHe placed his laptop on the bed and turned tme, propping his head up with his elbow and looking down at me.

“I feel more alive when I’m with you. You make me feel important. With her, it’s all about her work, she is a loving mother no doubt but I don’t feel connected to her, it is you I’m happy with, hmn?” He lifted my chin with his finger and kissed my lips. I didn’t argue any further, how could when it felt so good? I relaxed my mind and kissed him back.


I went back to the hotel the next day after my kids had gone off to school. We went downstairs to the restaurant to have breakfast. I hadn’t eaten anything because he had asked me to come on an empty stomach so we could have breakfast together. We placed our orders and sat enjoying our food when his phone started to ring. He looked over at it and ignored. It rang again, and again. grew concerned and looked at him questionably.

It’s my wife. She’s been questioning me about money leaving the account. She’s tripping, I don’t want to deal with that right now”

“Does she know about us?”

He shrugged dismissively. His phone rang again and he switched it off, continuing with his meal unbothered. I felt glad that I had him to myself.

We went back to his room and he got into the bathroom for a shower. His laptop was sitting on the bed. I decided to play with it bit. I turned it on and a mail popped in almost immediately. hesitated theopened it anyway, it was his wife, warning himWhatever you are doing, you better end it because if I find out that you are cheating, I would destroy your lifeShe further asked him to call herclosed the laptop and relaxed into the bedpretending like I hadn’t just read that.

He came out of the shower and took me downstairs to the hotel’s boutique for some shopping. When I was done picking out the things I wanted, he offered his ATM to the cashier but the POS machine declined it. He tried a different card and that too was rejectedFeeling frantic at this point, he tried all four cards and there were still rejected. He turned to me “I think she’s cancelled all my cards!” 

I shrugged in an effort to play coolIt’s okay, I’ll pick up the bill

He took a step back and I could see how embarrassed he was. As the cashier took my card and inserted it into the machine, he stepped aside and dialed his wife’s numberhis voice was raised as he spoke with her. I didn’t hear thwhole conversation but when he got back to me, he looked like a hypnotized man. Whatever it is she had said to him got to him.

I suggested to go home and he didn’t object. He asked me to come back the following day and I did.

I’ve been trying to calher but I keep being forwarded to her voicemail” he said the moment I walked into the hotel roomI could tell he was genuinely worried. It felt weird and uncomfortable seeing him pace the floor like thatHow come he felt so worried over what she didI thought I was what mattered to him. Why then did he care whether she picked his call or not? I lowered myself to the chair and he continued to pace the room, redialling her for the umpteenth time.

She could leave and I’ll never know where she goes. She could take my kids and I’ll not be able to do anything about it” He raised his gaze from his phone to me. “I can’t let that happen. They are my life

I just sat there watching him, I didn’t know what to say. It felt really uncomfortable but let him keep trying her line, maybe if she picked and they talked, things would go back to normal between us.

He finally stopped pacing and dropped into the bed. He sat clenching his hands togetherHe looked up at me. “I have to go back home tonight, my wife is smart, there is no telling what she would do next”

I swallowed hard. It stung that he cared this much. I had ignored Mike’s feeling’s for him, put my husband on hold so many times and not given much care about our constant arguments all for his sake. Yet here he was, losing his cool over his wife. As much as I hated to admit it, she appeared to be his priority.

I nodded and stood up with my handbag which never left my shoulders. He got up and pulled the door open for me. I wanted to burst into tears but I was going to hold it in until I got to the car. I embraced him and turned around and began walking downstairs, the tears flowed freely with every step I took.


Dapo sent me a text the next day from Abuja informing me that his wife had read our chats and that it was best if we didn’t speak to each other anymore, I was appalled. What happened to the love he had so freely professed to me? Had I just wasted my time? As I sat there in my kitchen shedding regretful tears and reflecting on it all, he called me. Thinking he had changed his mind, I quickly answered but it was a female voice at the other end.

“Ashawo! idiot!! You don’t have shame! And to think you are a mother. I will deal with you. Ode!!” she lashed and hung up the phone. I wanted to die.

The chair suddenly felt uncomfortable, slid down to the tiled floor, feeling utterly dismayed.


Mike came home two day’s after. I was watching TV, trying to distract myself from the pain that was cutting through my chest when hwalked into the house. “Babe!” He called angrily as he marched to where I was seated. I faked a smile and rose up to greet him when he held out his phone to my face “What the hell is this!” he spat.

I almost passed out as I saw my nude photos staring me back in the face. I collected the phone from him and scrolled through. There were photos I had shared with Dapo and some of ouchats.

Dapo’s wife! 

She had found my husband‘s Facebook account and sent all these to him. I dropped to my knees and began pleading.

I gave you everything! I loved you!!” Mike was saying.

“I don’t know what got into me, babe I am so sorry” I rubbed my palms together pleadingly.

“I can’t even look at you right now. Let go off me!” He yanked my hands off his leg and moved past me.



wiped the tear’s off my face and flipped through the papers once more. Mike was divorcing me and he was asking for custody of our girls claiminthat I was incapable of taking care of them. My heart felt so brokenwas losing my marriage yet Dapo was over there still with his wife who was dealing with me and he was allowing her do these horrible thingto me. I could barely even breath.

My phone rang and I wondered who the strange number could belong to.

“Hello?” I spoke into the handset.

Good morningWe are calling you from Sage hotels. We have some men here that just came in from the UK, they need your services”


“Are you not Funke?”

“Yes I am?”

“We have your pictures and contact address here for escort work, that’s why we are calling”

“Ehn?! What sort of rubbish talk is that?! Do I look like a prostitute to you?”

Then ihit me, Dapo’s wife again! That woman was crazy!

“Please I’m not an Escort” I said and hung up the phone.

called Dapo severally. I needed him to stop his wife, she had destroyed me enoughHe didn’t pick up. I redialed him severally and my call eventually went into voicemail.

My phone rang but it wasn’t him calling me back, it was another strange number.

“Hello Funke, this is Uyi grand hotel. We have some men here that__”

“I am not a prostitute!!!” I yelled in frustration and flung my phone angrily against the wall.



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