The Client (Part 2)


I could not hide my shock, I was clearly disappointed.

“Is there a problem?” he inquired of me.

“E-ehm no” I said, returning my eyes to the road.

Just when I was thinking I had met a potential boyfriend. This guy was too young. Joke’s on me!.

“You’re good?”

“Yeah,” I heaved, forcing a smile, “I’m good”

“A-a-and we’re here!” he announced, pulling up in front of Q lounge. “Traffic decided to be a friend today” he grinned, turning off the ignition.

I shot him a forced smile, and unbuckled my car seat.



“But 29 is not bad na!” Bisola flipped both hands. We were at a restaurant, we had just finished our meal and sat sipping on drinks.

“That’s because you are dating a thirty year old guy”

“En heh? So what? See babes let me tell you, age is nothing but a number, it’s only in Naija that we carry this age thing on our head, look at all these yankee celebs na, dem no send! How old is Dwayne? T-that Gabrielle Union’s husband, are they not happy? Did they tell you that the guy did not see younger girls his age? But he choose to be with her  and they even just welcomed a child….”

“Via surrogate”

“En heh! Ei matter? Babes see forget all those things, if you like that guy, just shoot your shot”

“Hmn” I took a sip from my drink. “But you know these Lagos guys na, I’m sure he has one serious girlfriend somewhere”

“Ehn, you too you will be serious na. In fact, your own seriousness will pass her own…”

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“He is not even married so its not like there is an issue there. See, any man that has not carried a girl to the altar is available..”


She flipped her hand. “Ah! Yes na!” she turned her face to the side and added quietly,  “Even the married men sef, some of them are just unhappy there”

“So I should now be the giver of joy abi? Babes, at my age, I cannot afford to be with a married man, we don do those things before na, ei no get head. Stolen moments are not a life abeg”

“Ehn then go and be with Donald na. Don’t you worry about his age, okay? it is no-thang but a nu-umber” she stressed, lifting her glass to her lips. “Shebi he has money?”

“It looks like it. I sent him the charges for his mother’s party and he didn’t complain about a thing”

“Oho! My dear you don’t have a problem” she concluded, before taking a sip from the glass.

I chuckled, I loved her.


My eyes were affixed on the laptop on my desk. I was browsing through event centers and foreign interior designs ideas when my IOS chimed next to me. That was the phone that carried my personal line, my business sim was in another phone.

I picked up the phone and got a mushy feeling as I read the caller.

“Hello Donald” I answered, placing the handset to my ear.

“Hey how are you?”

“Busy, but fine”

“Busy is good. So talk to me, where are we now?”

“Okay, the venue has been paid for. I’ve contacted the catering team and they are on board..”

“My mother won’t be eating any carbs, she’s a vegetarian..”

“I remember, that information has been passed”


“My team of decorators are shopping for items as we speak”

“That’s good. My elder sister should be in Lagos by Monday, I’m sure she would like to meet with you when she comes, I don’t think she trusts me completely to pull this off” there was amusement in his voice.

I smiled to myself. “I understand, a meeting with her would be fine.”


“So, you’ve still got the MC and the DJ yes?”

“It’s handled”

“Okay.” I said and he didn’t say anything else

Silence fell between us. It wasn’t a weird kind of silence, it was soothing actually. I could hear him breathing at the other end of the phone and it was one of those moments that you really didn’t want to pass.

My lips were lifted in a grin and my finger was drawing round circles on my desk.

“It’s one week left to the birthday” he mentioned, finally breaking the silence.

“Yeah” I muttered.

“When all of this is over, we should talk”

I bit my lip and blushed at the possibility of the meaning of those words, but I choose to feign ignorance instead. “I thought we were already doing so”

“This will be different”

I lifted my hand to my lips to stop myself from chuckling out loud. Why was I acting like a 16 year old though? It was so stupid, the guy in question was still younger than me. I comported myself and in the most indifferent tone, I replied,  “Okay”

“Okay” he said.

“Okay” I said again, when he won’t drop the call.

A few seconds of silence passed, then he said. “Maybe okay would be our always?”

My brows popped, what?! why would he say that to me?! Was this a joke? could he possibly have meant that? I mean I haven’t even gone on one date with this person.

I paused, thought about what I wanted my response to be, and then, in all sincerity I said, “Okay.”.


I was watching the decorators set up the venue. I wore a blue jean with a red t-shirt and red sneakers to match. My weave was held up in a bun due to the Lagos heat.

I stood at the extreme end of the hall, giving orders, glancing down at my wrist watch at the same time as Donald’s sister was going to be meeting me here today.

He had two siblings, that I gathered from the names he emailed me for the guest list. There was his sister  who was meeting me today and one brother who would be coming in from the States with his wife and 11 months old baby.

“Ah don’t do that na!” I screamed out to one of the decorators who was struggling with lifting a chandelier.  “Let Emma help you, abi you want to break it? You cannot carry it alone na”

“Ma?” my assistant called behind me.

I whirled around. “Yes?”

“Donald’s sister is here”

“Oh!” My heart skipped a bit, only because I liked her brother.

Who knows? I may just be about to meet my future sister in law.

“Where is she….”

I sighted a tall middle aged woman, glowing light skin, auburn weave, ankara dress, stiletto heels gracefully strolling towards me.

“Hi” she smiled, holding out her hand. “You must be Jane”

I shook it, returning her smile. “I am, and you must be Donald’s sister”

“Yes” she grinned, staring me up and down. She was definitely sizing me up. “He’s told me so much about you”

“Good things I hope”

“Only good things” her smile obviously held more than her words were saying.

She shifted her focus to the hall and ran her eyes over the space. “I like it” she stated.

“Thank you”

“The colors are nice too. Was that you or Donald?”

I chuckled. “Both of us, but more of him..”

“Aha!” she remarked, shooting down a glance from the corner of her eyes. “Covering up for him already”

“Excuse me?”

She hands up. “I didn’t say anything, take me through everything would you?”

“Of course”

We both smiled and started to stroll further into the hall.


The common thing about Nigerian girls I discovered, soon as I relocated from the States from my masters was that many just wanted to feed off of you. They dressed pretty, wore lengthy weaves, believed that owning an iPhone ranked them higher in life, and waited on the next rich guy who would be their sponsor.

Many of them as flashy as they were could not hold an interesting conversation nor keep you intrigued for up to 30 minutes. The sex was always good, but it seemed like that was all they had to offer.

I was starting to wonder when I would meet a woman that had substance, a woman who was not so basic, someone who actually believed in working and earning the things she desired, had something going for her, until I stumbled upon Jane’s Instagram business page.

It popped up as an advertisement and I still thank whatever gave me the urge to click it open. I had been looking at event planners on Instagram and when I went through Jane’s page, I was impressed. I liked the work she had done for others, her décor and planning was really beautiful in pictures.

At first, it was just about her work, I continued to scroll through the page until I stumbled upon a single photo of her, smiling broadly, seated in her office. I stared at that photo for a good five minutes.

It was one of those moments where you see someone for the very first time and you take a liking to them, really, really like them.

She had to plan my ma’s party, I decided, but more than that, I had to meet her.

So I called the number on her profile and it was her office. I introduced myself, expressed my purpose of calling and was immediately booked for an appointment.

Monday came and I put everything on hold at my office. Hers was my first destination.

She had a clean space for an office, it wasn’t very spacious but it didn’t need to be, the space was just fine for the nature of her job. She had a waiting room and two rooms for offices from where I was seated.

The entire place was neat with an attractive painting.

When a chocolate skinned lady rushed into the office, panting lightly with tiny beads of sweat seating on her makeup without smearing, I recognized her to be Jane.

She was just as I recalled from her Instagram photo, only taller. A tall curvy woman, blessed moderately in the front and at the back.

I was certain then that I had come to the right place.

I was engrossed watching her that when she greeted everyone, I was too carried away to respond.

It didn’t take long before the receptionist asked me to go into her office.

Sitting in her chair, talking with her, I could not help but admire how beautiful she was. She had the kind of beauty that was not created by layers of powder. She didn’t wear much of it anyway and you could tell that even if the powder came off, she would still have her pointed nose, wide set eyes, full lips and high cheeks bones.

I asked deliberately for her personal number that day because I had personal plans.

That day in my car, as I drove us to look at venues, I could tell that she was disappointed when I mentioned my age, maybe she had hoped that I was older, given my tall body statue.

I already knew that she was 34, I had my sources and I didn’t mind her age. I had always been attracted to older women anyway – they were more mature and put together, I dated a few back in the States.

From what I knew about her so far, she already ticked most of the qualities I wanted in my woman – beautiful, successful and humble.

After tonight, I would make my move, I hoped that she won’t let the age affect her decision because when I told her that okay would be our always, I meant it.

My sister even approved of her, and she didn’t do that to many of the girls I liked, in the past.

Tonight, after ma’s party, I would tell her. But right now, as I shrugged into my jacket in preparation for the night, I had no idea what I was going to say to her.


“Are you sure it’s fine?!” I complained to Bisola as I stood in front of the mirror in my apartment. She was here for moral support.

“Babes this dress is fine na,” she approved, running her eyes up and down my body as if searching to find a fault, “Is it not the same Didiekanem that has been making your dresses that made this one?”

“She is but….”

“There is no but,” she walked around to my back, placed her hands on my shoulders and looked at me through the mirror. “You need to stop worrying, I’m sure he would love it”


“Yes, I promise, Now go! You don’t want to be late for a party you planned, especially since it is your future mother in law’s party” she joked and we burst out laughing.

She dropped to the bed and I turned to her. “I wish you would come with me”

“He didn’t invite me, plus, I do not want to be a third wheel. I’ve got my man to see tonight”

I breathed out heavily, stepped back in front of the mirror, straightened my hands down my dress and turned around to face her. “Wish me luck”

“You’ve already got it. Go!” she waved me off.

I crouched forward, embraced her and made for the door.



Soft jazz music played in the cozily lit hall.

White chairs were beautifully placed on round tables decorated in black pleated skirts. Utensils correctly placed on each table. Sitting on each silver charger plate was a black knot napkin fold. In the middle of every table next to the table number sat a floral center piece and tea light flameless floating candles.

Ma’ had a separate table overlooking the rest of the tables. It was rectangular in shape, fully decorated with only much more center pieces, candles, and drinks. There were chairs for all three of her children and grandchildren. Hers was a queen black chair.

Jane really outdid herself with this décor. It was a black and white affair and everything looked good.

There were female waiters in black jeans, white long sleeved shirts and black bow ties attending to the arriving guests and showing them to their seats.

We were expecting a total number of 85 people and it looked liked we already had over 30 littered in the hall, including my sister’s two kids and my brother with his family.  My sister herself was home with ma, tasked with the duty of whisking her here. So far, we had planned this whole thing without her knowing.

I was standing in the center of the hall, glass of wine in hand, greeting guests, but every time someone walked through either of the entrances, I would hope that it was Jane. I hadn’t seen her all night yet I could hear my heart racing, every pound, in my chest.

I had searched for a woman like Jane and now that I found her, I could not wait to have her… if she would have me too.

“Attention ladies and gentlemen” the voice of the MC rang over the microphone. “I’m getting news that the celebrant is just arriving, her car is pulling up in the parking lot as I speak. I would like everyone to gather around over there and be quiet for a moment, this is meant to be a surprise, she would come in blindfolded and when the mask comes off, we would all scream a unison happy birthday. So please kindly gather over there, close to the entrance….yes,…..yes, thank you. Mr DJ, please keep the music playing, but turn down the volume….yes, that’s it…that’s it. Everyone, maintain silence now, they are walking towards the hall”

My nieces and nephews were standing beside myself, my brother and his wife at the fore front of the crowd. Everyones eyes were watching the door, waiting for ma to come through.

And there she was, coming towards the large door, blindfolded and guided by my sister. Who I had not expected to see however was Jane, trailing behind them.

She had on a white square neck long sleeve bodycon dress that stopped just above her knees. Her legs went on forever in that dress. I thought I had never seen her looking more beautiful.

“Happy birthday!” the crowd echoed behind me. I had been gazing at Jane that I missed the unveiling of my mother’s eyes. Hands lifted and everyone began to clap and cheer. My mother was shocked, exclaiming at the sight of everyone she knew, embracing them, laughing happily.

I was clapping, but my eyes were on Jane. She was looking back at me, smiling beautifully.

I broke my hands free and strolled closer to ma. “Happy birthday ma” I said embracing her.

“So you too?” she pointed a finger at me laughing, “You were in on it!”

“Ah mummy he was the master mind behind it o”  my sister chipped in.

“Ah! God will bless you my son!” she embraced me again. When I withdrew from her arms, Jane had disappeared into the crowd.

I led my mother to the table amongst clapping guests and resumed music.

The celebration went on seamlessly.  Jane would whisk in and out of the hall, she was barely seating. How she could work so hard in those heels was beyond me.

When the DJ called for the closing dance, I first danced with ma, as soon as my older brother took over from me, I went in search of Jane.

I found her sitting, thankfully, alone at the extreme end of the hall, sipping on a glass of cream whiskey.

I stood over her, one arm crossed behind my back and the other held out to her.


“May I have this dance?” Donald was asking.

It had been a successful night so far but my feet were killing me in these heels. I was tired, and even though my feet hurt, I could manage to dance with Donald, I would do it, even if it were the last thing I had to do on earth.

“Yes, you may” I replied, smiling up at him. I placed my hand in his and lifted my body off the chair.

He led me to the dance floor, took my hand in his left hand, held it to the side, and placed his free hand below the shoulder blade at my back. I placed my hand on his waist and we began to move in slow motion to the sound of Rod Stewart’s ‘Have I told You lately That I Love You.’

I was looking up into his deep brown eyes and he was staring down into mine. I had never seen a black tuxedo look so good on anyone before, he looked like a brown snack, ready to be eaten.

And that perfume he wore, it was enchanting.

My tender hand was clasped in his strong hand. Standing this close, feeling his breath on my face, I wished this dance won’t come to an end.

He was such a beautiful man, especially with those beards.

I forgot about the pain in my feet. I forgot about the people in the room, right now, it was just me and Donald.

“You look beautiful tonight” he whispered.

“Thank you” I responded, my throat parched.

“I like your hair this way. Falling down the side of your neck, down your back”

I half smiled, completely feeling moist within my thighs. It was hard not to with the chilly atmosphere, alcohol in my system and this fine tall broad shouldered man holding me and that music, oh that music!

I watched his jaw tighten.

“I might kiss you” he declared, breathing through his nose.

“I might like it” I responded.

He leaned down and closed the gap between us.

His mouth so warm and sweet.

People started to cheer and clap. We broke free, pinned our heads to each other’s and giggled.

“You want to get out of here?”

I nodded.

“One minute” he said as he pulled away.

I watched him whisper something into his beaming mother’s ears, pecked her cheek and hurried back to me.

He grabbed me by the wrist. People cheered as we brisked out of the hall.

We ran towards the elevator, I was giggling the whole time.

We stepped inside and he closed us in. He took my face in both his hands and lifted it up to his face. I had never seen him look so serious.

“I want to be with you Jane, would you do me the honor of being my woman?”

I grinned, happily and nodded.

I was going to follow up with a ‘yes’ but he crashed his lips on mine and in that moment, no more words were needed.








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