This is for the dads….


There was the story of a construction manager who went round to supervise his workers on a new church building site. He asked 3 of them what they were doing, the first said ‘I am mixing cement’, the second said ‘I am laying blocks’, the third said ‘I am raising a great church’. Only the last man had a deep perspective of what he was doing. Only him saw the bigger picture. Not just mixing sand. Not just laying blocks, but building a great church. Ask many fathers today about their roles in their children’s lives and you will get a similar response, I am supporting, i am providing, I am fending for… only very few will see the bigger picture and say I am raising a great generation. The difference is that the first dads who are supporting, providing and fending look at their roles as just putting food on the table. The one who is raising a generation sees things from God’s perspective – shaping lives.

This is for the dads…..

I asked a question recently about who is responsible for the children, everyone gave a valid response but most pointed to the mothers. There is a reason why it takes 2 people to produce a child. This is because each person has something to contribute to the life of that child. Directly, not just by proxy. Gone are the days when it was just the mothers duty. Those days, mums didnt have to work. But the world is changing, mums are working to support dads, so dads should do likewise.

Too many children today are growing up without a father’s influence. And as a result they end up making poor life, relationship, and marriage choices. Someone said yesterday, that the mum is closer to the children and I ask, ‘What of those who have no mothers? Will they not get close to the children? Getting close to children requires an effort on your part. The children don’t just grow to be closer to one, it is the figure they see most times that they get close to. You may ask, so how do I get close to my children? It;s simple, Get to know what makes them who they are. Ask what subjects they enjoy in school, and which ones they’re struggling with. Learn who their friends are; who they spend time with during break and after school. Try to listen and learn. Take them out occasionally and have one-on-one time with them. Teach them things mum never has time to teach. Playing football (yes, girls play football too), take them for their extra-curricula once in a while etc. Just like you dedicate time to your Chelsea and Arsenal teams – dedicate time to your children.

A man’s success as a leader cannot be determined until one sees his grandchildren.” Dads, think about that—you’re not just raising sons and daughters, you’re raising future fathers and mothers. You’re shaping lives today that tomorrow will be shaping the lives of generations to come. And in order to succeed you must take God with one hand and your children with the other.

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