Training our boys to be men


Since women seem to claim they are responsible for, and do everything for the family, why is it that we are not training our sons to become caring, responsible and appreciative men. All too often, I see mothers running around after their sons, doing everything for them (even when they are young adults)…..and they do it because it’s for their ‘precious’ sons. I have seen where a mother went back into the kitchen to prepare a totally different meal for her son (not husband oo, son) because he didnt like what she prepared for the others that evening. What?? Then later she will complain how men are irresponsible etc. As for me, my policy is, if you dont like, then fast. You wont die if you miss one meal. Mothers are already stressed as it is, why add extra stress from a childs tantrum. At the age of 2 upwards, kids are interested in what you do in the kitchen, you will see them hanging around – instead of chasing them away catch them young. Show them what you are doing and get them involved – let them whisk the egg, let them stir the pancake mix, let them dry their wet plates. Abeg no give them knife ooo. But you get the idea.

I think mums have a special responsibility and opportunity to bring about change, so that young men will have a different attitude and see their marriage as a real partnership.

As my sons are growing, I am definitely training them by example and experience to be responsible in this way. Not just for their future wives but also for themselves. Because if their wife is happy, they too will be happy and that is just my little contribution to them. Abi no be so?

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  1. It is of greater benefit to the society at large. Future generation of children will grow up in peaceful environment and look forward to getting married.