Upshot – Part 2


Shola quickly wiped at her cheeks. She turned around and forced her lips into a smile. “Hey honey” she cooed, walking towards his bed.

-5th July 2017-

“Babe I’m so sorry for the inconvenience….” Apologized Shola.

“Shut up jor” went Adaora, “what are best friends for? You’ve only been here three nights and you are already apologizing.  Listen, you and David can stay till you sort yourselves out”

“Thank you” Shola said, glancing over at David who was engrossed with her ipad on the floor of the sitting room. She and Adaora were at the dining table, with Adaora eating oranges.

“What are you going to do now, has he responded?” she asked, calling Shola’s focus back to her.

“Hmn” Shola sighed, “He is not returning my calls o, nor texts. The ones on Whatsapp are no longer even delivering; I think he’s blocked me”

“Hei, But Alex sef, can’t he just hear you out? I mean, give you a chance to at least explain?”

She pulled down the corners of her lips, “For where? Even yesterday evening that they were discharging David, I called to inform him, called and called, he didn’t pick. I paid the bills myself”

“Na whao. But babe wait first, all these while you didn’t know?” Adaora asked.

She shrugged her shoulders indicating a no response.

“…And it was just that once?”

“Just that day, I’ve not cheated on Alex since we got married”

“But why didn’t you take something na”

“You know me and Deji used to do this safe period stuff, back when we were dating, so I believed I was on my safe period when we did it. I never got pregnant even once,” she held up a finger, “all through our two years together, the method always worked, so I didn’t imagine that it would fail..”

Adaora heaved a sigh, putting her hand to her chin.

Silence fell between both women. Adaora stared at her friend, and Shola fixed her gaze down, her hands clasped on top of the wooden table. She recounted the events of  14th February, bitterly, in her mind.

“Will you tell Deji?” Adaora finally broke the silence, jolting Shola’s mind back to reality.

“I don’t know..” she shook her head, without lifting it.

“Don’t you think he has the right to know? I mean, that he has a son?”

“Babes, let me fix my marriage first,” she lifted her head this time, “I love Alex, I cannot afford to lose him”

Adaora sighed, “I understand.” She paused before continuing, “I have an idea”


“How about I talk to him, you know, make him see reason… since he won’t speak to you”

“You think he will listen to you?”

“I don’t know but let me try, abi do you want the news to get to your family?”

“No o,” She lifted her palm to her temple, “God, the thought of that makes me sick. Do you think he has told them already? I mean, my mum would call if he has, right?”

“That is why I need to see him, there’s a way I would talk to him that I will uncover how much any other person knows, even your parents”

Shola sighed, “Okay, you can give it a try, but be careful cause he’s really mad right now, the way he threw me out that day, I wouldn’t want him to do the same thing to you”

“Don’t worry” she replied, standing to her feet “I won’t push” She picked up her eaten oranges into the plate, and walked towards the kitchen.

Shola glanced over at David, who was smiling at the screen in his hand.


-7th July 2017-

Alex had been drinking, indoors for the past days. Unable to go to work, unable to eat, unable to do much of anything, he found himself in a state of suspended animation. His mother stayed with him, persuading him to get him to do some activity, to no avail. She wasn’t even sure he had had a proper night sleep since the discovery.

Determined to get through to him, she left for the market that morning to buy some ingredients to make his favorite soup – Ofe Owerri, hopeful that, that would do the trick.

Appreciative of his mother’s efforts but completely out of his appetite, he trudged to the bathroom to take a shower, he was beginning to stink even to himself.

He stood under the running water with his face upwards.

Memories of the day David was born came rushing to his mind – he was most of what he had been thinking of for the past days, him and some of Shola – as much as he would hate to admit that part.

It was raining that morning at, he had woken up not too long and got working on his computer when Shola abruptly woke up from sleep. She complained that her waist stung and then said she felt better. But as she tried to go back to sleep, she screamed that it was stinging again.

Concerned as she was just two weeks away from her due date (he kept all her dates on his calendar, even her ante natal days) he suggested that they go to the hospital,  but Shola refused as she confirmed that the stinging had stopped.

Barely ten minutes later, she cried again and this time Alex was determined to get her to the hospital. He hurriedly got her dressed, picked up her delivery bag which he had helped pack weeks before that day, he wore the bag over his shoulder, put on a tee shirt on and some joggers.

He grabbed his car keys and carried a now yelping Shola into his arms and out to the front door. It was raining cat and dogs outside and the umbrella was in the back of his car, the other umbrella he could think of was somewhere down in the basement of the house.

As he contemplated whether to go back into the house to retrieve that umbrella or damn the rain and get into it with his pregnant wife, Shola’s water broke, right in his arms.

“Shit!” he swore, he had read books on what to expect when expecting so he understood this to mean that the baby was close. With his groaning wife in his arms and his beating heart, he leaned his upper body over her to shield her stomach, ducked his head and entered into the rain.

He ran towards his car.

Even for a strong man like himself, Shola’s weight was straining his arms, and it strained it even more as he fidgeted to unlock the car door. The key dropped to the floor and he had to bend down, with Shola in his arms, feel the watery floor for the key, pick it up, grind his teeth and stretch back up to open the door.

The security guard stayed asleep all through these events.

He succeeded in opening the car this time and laid Shola unto the back seat, shut the door and hurried over to the driver’s side…

His memory jumped to the moment when they got to the hospital and he insisted on carrying her into the labor room…..

Memories of him hovering over the head of a lamenting Shola as the nurse encouraged her to push. His hand smoothening her hair backwards and his face staring down into hers as she wailed and screamed, with her legs spread apart…..

The memory of him hearing the first cry of David as his tiny voice announced his presence into the world…

The memory of the nurse saying, “Your son is here..” and him walking to the foot of the bed to receive the tiny being covered in vernix caseosa into his arms…..

Alex shook his head under the shower to push away the thoughts. He reached out his hand, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower stall. He grabbed a towel, tied it round his waist and heard the doorbell ring.

Wondering what could make his mother return so early in spite of the usual Lagos traffic, he trudged out of his bedroom and towards the front door with nothing but his white towel around his waist.

“Coming!” he announced as the bell rang again.

He unlocked the door and frowned as his eyes met a meek looking Adaora.

He noticed the bandage white dress she wore that was barely reaching her knees, her conspicuous cleavage and tall red stiletto heels.

He lifted his eyes back up to her face and stared at her with a poker face.

“Hi Alex” she greeted, holding unto her red tiny strap purse. “Can I come in?”

“Shola is not here”

“I know, she’s with me. She’s told me everything. I’m equally as angry as I can imagine that you are, totally disappointed, and that’s why I’m here. Can I please come in?..… I come in peace” she added when he remained still. “I went to your office first, you weren’t there, this would only take a few minutes, please”

Alex ran his eyes down and up her body one more time, before stepping aside to give her passage into the building.

Adaora walked into the ante room and walked herself into the sitting room, roaming her eyes over the home and wondering how it still looked clean even with Shola’s absence, she had planned on suggesting to clean the place and maybe cook him something

Damn whoever invented house maids

“You have to make this quick” Alex spoke behind her, causing her to stop walking and spin around, “As you can see, I was just stepping out of the shower”

Of course she could see, she had seen right from the door. She smiled slyly, running her eyes up and down his chiseled slightly wet chest, and arms…and that V shape of his torso. Oh! How she had touched herself so many times to the image of him..

She shook her head to regain her composure but Alex already caught that lust in her eyes and the biting of her lower lip.

“I just want to say I’m sorry for what my friend has done to you, I mean I can’t believe she could do that to you after…”

As she spoke, Alex placed one foot in front of the other, and then another. Throughout his three years of being married to Shola, her best friend Adaora had given him seductive signals one too many times.

Thrice, she sent her nude photos to his Whatsapp, only to call right afterwards to apologize, claiming that it was a mistake, begging that he ignores it.  He always wondered why she didn’t just make use of the Whatsapp delete for everyone feature, how convenient it was for her to make the same mistake, thrice.

He didn’t tell his wife because he didn’t want her to hurt, but he blocked Adaora’s number and kept the thirty year old at bay, all to the disapproval of his wife, who thought he disliked her best friend for no reason.

But not anymore. Right now, as she stood there, blabbing about what a good man he is, and how much he doesn’t deserve what her supposed best friend did to him, he took his final step to stand right in front of her. He didn’t care about morals no more- damn that! Damn Shola, damn his marriage, damn every woman!

He unknotted his towel and let it fall to the ground.

He would smirk at the expression of Adaora gapping at his size, but the pain in his heart didn’t  let him.

Like a dog on heat, she dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth, hungrily…

This was a dream come true for Adaora, she couldn’t believe how easy this was going. After desiring this man for three years, the fact that she had a boyfriend not stopping her, here he was, naked, in her mouth, oh! the heavens must have heard the desires of her heart, and so she drooled on him, determined to  give him a sucking she could bet Shola did not have the expertise to…

As soon as Alex felt himself charged up, he lifted her by the arm to stand on her feet, moved with her to the couch, pushed her over, and roughly pushed her dress to her waist….

She had no panties on

He could see her vulva shimmering with overflowing juice. He rubbed his hard on, thinking about condoms.

He didn’t have any… but, his security guard may..

“Give me a sec” he excused himself as he picked up his towel and tied it back around his waist.

A grinning Adaora turned over, “Okay” she cooed, seductively.

He didn’t notice, because he didn’t care.

He walked to his front door, and as he called out to the security man, Adaora quickly came out of her dress, and brassiere. Alex had to see her curvaceous body, especially her flat stomach, he had to see that she was better than his wife..

“I – I get,” the security guard responded to Alex,  taken aback by such an unusual request coming from him, but he was his boss, so without questions, he said, “I dey come Sir” and ran off to his post.

Alex took a few steps backward to glance at Adaora. He noticed that she was spread out on his couch, stark naked, assuming a pose that was supposed to be sexy. He rolled his eyes and got back to standing by the door.

The security guard ran back  and handed him a Durex condom, Alex hadn’t used this in years. He received it from the young man, looked it over and thanked him.

Shutting his door, and turning the lock, he began to walk back into the living room, with his member asleep.

She squirmed her body and sat up on the couch as he closed in on her. He dropped his towel and she got down on her knees, to make him hard again.

She noticed the condom between his fingers and smiled up at him, “You know, we don’t really need that..”

Thunder fire you there!” he thought to himself, but, half smirked instead.

Adaora worked her tongue on him until his shaft came alive.

Turning her in the former position, he tore the small sachet open, pulled out the protective rubber and wore it over himself. Then, in the most careless way, he plunged into her.

“Owwwh! So har-rd” she gasped, giggling.

He rolled his eyes and made sure he banged her, roughly..

She could not believe that Shola’s husband was finally inside her, “You like how tight that cookie feels?” she looked back moaning, convinced that she felt better than her friend, after all, she had never given birth before..

But all Alex cared about was cumming, and he could not wait to get there and get this over with.

He had to give it to her though, the girl was moist, very moist, and warm, but, she was not Shola.

With his wife’s face coming to his mind, he shut his eyes and thought about how beautiful he always thought she looked when they made love, all so passionately…

The way she moaned, softly…

The way she shut her eyes, tightly…

The way her nails sank into the skin on his back…

The feel of her thick thighs enveloping his frame, urging him further … deeper into her..

Her parted lips, the way she turned her head and cried for more of him…

He felt himself begin to enlarge, his manhood twitched violently and his semen came spluttering forth.


“Oh gosh, that was intense” a happy Adaora commented, dropping down on the couch.

Why did he still think of Shola after what she had done to him, to them?

“That was so nice babe” He heard Adaora say as he removed the semen stained condom.

His eyebrows came together in a frown at the sound of her calling him babe, he picked up his towel and walked to the guest toilet to flush off the condom.

He got back to find Adaora meandering on the sofa, touching her boobs.

He felt irritated. “My mum would be back any moment..”

“Your mum!” she jolted upright and reached for her dress to the amusement of Alex, “I thought she had left” she stressed, picking up her brassiere and wearing it hurriedly.

“No, she’s still here, she only stepped out to the market, but she’ll be back any minute”

“No wonder your house looks tidy” she spoke as she stood to her feet and stepped into her dress.


“Your house, its clean, thought it was a maid”

“Oh no, it’s my mum”

“I have to go, she can’t find me here” she was dressing speedily.

Alex sat down on the sofa, spread out his arms and watched her in amusement, the girl knew what shame meant after all.

She picked up her purse and turned to Alex, “So, talk later?”

He pulled down the corner of his lips and shrugged.

“Okay bye” she bade, and hastened towards the door.


Shola, 1:17pm

Babes, how did it go?

Adoara, 1:23pm

He said he will think about it, just getting to the house now. I think it will turn out well..

Shola, 1:24pm

Oh thank God! You’re such a good friend babes, thanks for doing this for me. In a meeting, can’t call, talk better when I get home. Picking David by 3.

Adaora, 1:30pm.

Okay, Ttyl.

Shola, 1:31pm

???? ????????

-9th JULY 2017-

Ding dong!

“That must be Ifeanyi” Alex’s mother remarked and rose to get the door.

Alex glanced over his shoulder at his mother, taking quick steps towards the door, “How do you know it’s Ifeanyi?”

She ignored his question and pulled the door open, “Welcome my son.”

“Ah mama good afternoon ma”

“Welcome, come inside…. ”

She shut the door and followed the tall young man into the sitting room where Alex sat watching the television.

“Look at him there. Please, help me talk to him, I have tried but he won’t listen to me”. With that, she picked up her plate of fruits and excused the two men.

Ifeanyi  had a look of confusion on his face as he observed his closest friend – looking like a mess, not at work, with a bottle of Gold label by 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

“Bruh, how far na, wetin dey happen?” He sat down at the edge of the sofa, adjacent to Alex’s, with his elbows resting on his knees “Mumsy called me saying some stuff, what’s going on?”

Alex hissed.

“How’s Shola, David, gone to  school?” he looked around.

“Bruh!” he shook his head.


“David is not my son”

Ifeanyi’s brows jerked up in surprise, “What?”

Alex shook his head in dismay, he took a sip from the tumbler in his hand.

Ifeanyi peeled his glasses off his eyes, placed them besides himself on the sofa. “How did you come about this revelation?”

“You were aware of David’s illness, all that time we were in the hospital..” Ifeanyi nodded his head. “It turned out to be severe malaria. The doctor said he needed some blood transfusion, and asked me for it as the father concerned”

Ifeanyi bobbed his head repeatedly.

“Tests were carried out, normal level. Turns out, my son…. Or rather, David’s genotype is AA, whereas I am SS…”

“My goodness”

“Shola herself is AS, so there’s no way..”

Ifeanyi folded his arms across his chest “Woah..”

“The doctor’s exact words to me were, ‘we would need the boy’s father’..”


“Pikin wey all these while, I have loved and nurtured..”


“Bruh! This thing wey I dey watch for movie don do me so, like film. My Shola, never in a million years could I have imagined” He lifted his glass to his lips, Ifeanyi hurled towards him, collected the tumbler and picked up the bottle

“Easy bruh, you’ve already gone half the bottle.” He sat back in his chair, placing the tumbler and the bottle on the floor next to his leg.

Both men maintained a moment of silence, each lost in his own thoughts.

The voice of the commentator from the TV filled the living room. A sweet aroma of food gently emanated from the kitchen, his mother, obviously cooking something.

“Her friend was here yesterday,” Alex broke the silence, “her best friend”


“The girl has been giving me signals for a long time..”

“Her best friend?”

Alex hissed in affirmation. “She practically came seducing me, and Shola according to her is taking refuge at her place, even as we speak”

Ifeanyi ran his hand down his face, “That’s really messed up.”

“Women? Yet they say we are scum. When they don’t even like themselves.”

Silence fell between them again.

Both men turned their focus to the television, watching the screen without either of them actually interested in the match playing on the big screen.

“You know, I never cheated on Shola..”

“Not once?”

He shook his head, “Not even once. Which is funny cause you know how  I used to be with these chicks na, normal level, but with her, I just didn’t feel the desire to, you know? And then I got that big promotion and work got busier so I just focused whatever time I had on her, was the best version of myself with her, fucking best, yet, she played me like this”

“I’m really sorry to hear all this…”

“Scum bruh. Women?” he dragged his lips downwards, tut-tutted and shook his head “They are all scum.”

-20th July 2017-

Shola’s parents occupied one twin sofa.

Alex sat on a single sofa, with Shola kneeling besides him. Alex’s mother was on another couch, looking completed displeased and angry. She would shoot glances at Shola who had her back to her, then at her parents as if blaming the behavior of their child on them.

Shola wasn’t wearing her wig today neither was she all glammed up, she came wearing her corn rows, a simple dress and a remorseful demeanor.

She had her palms together, staring at her husband and regretting why she ever went to meet Deji on that 14th  day of February.

Her parents had pleaded on her behalf all afternoon, but Alex still wouldn’t as much as look at her.

“Please forgive your wife” her father continued, “marriage is not easy my son, just forgive her, especially since it happened a long time ago”

“Daddy if it was mummy that brought another man’s child to your house, will you forgive her?”

Her father kept silent.

“This woman deceived me daddy, all these years, she made me love a child that was not mine, a child who’s father is probably still out there…”

“Babe it was a mistake” Shola’s voice interrupted, “I have never cheated on you since we got married..”

“But you cheated on me while we were planning our wedding…” He looked her way for the first time since they came into the house. She looked pale, he noticed, sad with eye bags under her red looking eyes..

“Hmn!” his mother tut-tutted, shaking her leg, “Tufiakwa!”  

“Didn’t you?”

She slowly nodded.

“So what difference does it make? Where we not a couple then? Or was I not doing it right for you”

“Chai!” his mother snapped her fingers, jerking her shoulders in a shrug.

Shola’s mother had been unable to say so much as she felt completely ashamed.

“You were babe, it was a moment of weakness, but it was just that day,” she held out a finger, “I’ve never been with him again, I don’t even have his number, I don’t even know his whereabouts”

“Well daddy, I don’t know if I can forgive nor forget, I need time to think”

His mother nodded fiercely in support of her son.

“We can take the boy” Shola’s mother suggested, “We will take him to live with us”

“I am completely ashamed of my daughter’s behavior, as a knight and how disciplined we raised her, this news is disheartening, matter of fact she couldn’t even tell me to my face, she had to go through her mother who only informed me of the situation after she had left. She knows I’m not happy with her, she knows” he gestured his hand towards Shola, “But the word of God says, to err is human and to forgive is divine, so I plead with you my son to forgive your wife, I commend you so much for containing this matter so far..”

Shola’s mother nodded in agreement, and her husband continued,

“Not many men would do that, but you’ve covered her shame even in your pain, and so we ask you to please go further by creating a space in your heart to forgive her..”

Shola’s mother slid down the sofa to join her daughter on her knees, “Please my son..”

“Ah mama,” Alex stood from his chair and rushed to stop his mother in law’s knees from touching the ground, “please mama, don’t kneel down for me” he said, holding her by the arms.

“Promise me you will think about it, at least” she pleaded, tearfully staring into her son in law’s eyes.

“Okay mama, I will think about it, just stand up please”

She pitifully cocked her head to the side, “You promise?”

“Yes mama, I promise”

“Thank you by son” she allowed Alex guide her back to her sofa, with Alex’s mother hissing loudly by the side.

Alex lowered himself back into his chair, while avoiding Shola’s eyes who was still kneeling besides him.

“Daddy you people can go home, give me time to think”

“Okay my son” her father responded, “Thank you for your time”

He rose to his feet and his wife followed suit, “OluwaniShola, let us go”

She hesitated, staring at Alex who’s gaze was fixated on the Television before him.

“Get up, your husband needs time to think” her father continued, “get up”.

She glanced over her shoulders at her mother in law who gave a loud hiss, sprung from her couch and walked away, into the house.

Alex maintained his gaze, hands spread out on the arms of his sofa.

Shola sniffed, slowly rose from the floor and walked to her parents, looking sideways at Alex as she went.

“Thank you” the mother spoke, “bye bye”

“Mama bye bye” he responded, without looking back at them.

The three of them walked out of what used to be Shola’s home.

-5th March 2018-

Alex did not contact Shola’s parents as promised. Shola soon understood that her marriage was over. She lived every day, imagining that day to be the day that she would receive divorce papers from Alex.

He still won’t speak to her nor return her texts, and she still won’t contact Deji who Adaora had informed her was now married himself.

Adaora encouraged her to inform Deji of their son, David but she wanted nothing to do with Deji, so she didn’t.

Adaora went back to visit Alex at his house but this time around, he won’t let her in. After stalking his house to no avail, she got the message that he didn’t want her. This made her resentful towards Shola and her son and her behavior changed towards them.

She would yell at David over trivial things, and pick up fights with Shola for no just cause. One day Shola got to the house to catch Adaora beating David with a slippers.

That incidence caused Shola to begin to look for her own place.

She found a condo, three months later, not too far from her office and by the fifth month, she moved in there with David.

She built her world around her son, went to work, wore sweet smiles while deep within, hurting and praying to God for Alex to forgive and take her back.

She prayed so much that she made it a point of duty to wake up, 12 midnight of everyday to pray to God to fix her marriage and reunite her with her husband.

-1st January 2019-

Ogun State.

Shola had just finished having breakfast with her parents and David. They had come to visit during the Christmas break and decided to stay till the New year.

She rose from the table and went into her room to take a bath, when her phone chimed on her bed.

She had been getting  messages from friends and colleagues all morning, most of which were broadcast messages.

Tired of replying, she undressed, and began to walk towards the bathroom.

On a second thought, she paused by her bed, picked up her phone to quickly reply before stepping into the shower..

She gasped for joy as she viewed the text..

Hubby, 10:30am

Happy new year Shola.

Quickly, she typed a reply..

Shola, 10:32am

Happy new year to you too Alex…

How are you?..

Hubby, 10:34am

I am well.

How are you too… and David?

Shola laughed happily and lowered herself down to the bed. Tears of joy began to gather in the corners of her eyes

Shola 10:35am

We are fine… he misses you..

Hubby 10:36a.m

How about his mum?

She chuckled to herself, covering a hand over her mouth.

Shola 10:37a.m

She misses you too, aplenty.

Hubby 10:38a.m

Dinner, tonight?

Shola 10:40a.m


Hubby 10:41a.m












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