​​​14th February 2014.

“Hmmn, so another man will marry you like this?” he teased her, basking from a satisfied sex session, “The most beautiful woman, sweetest of all”

She laughed, shifting under the sheets. Their bodies were still naked, cuddling each other. “If you didn’t break my heart, it would have been me and you

But I apologized..

“I told you before, cheating is a no no ...”

Even when she didn’t mean anything?”

She rolled her eyes up at him.

“What!” he chuckled slightly “You don’t believe me”

“No and I don’t want to remember….,” she traced a finger down his chest, we don’t have much time you know” she saidsuggestively.

“Mmm- hmm” he grinned, groping her butt under the sheets

He leaned down into her and kissed her waiting lips.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, and he turned her over swiftly, so that she was lying supine.

He kissed her collar bone, tracing light kisses down to her navel..

“You make me feel so good” she moaned, wiggling her body.

He pushed her legs apart and kissed the hood of her clitoris..

“o-ooh ba-ab-by!” she cried.

-2nd July 2017-

Shola’s red manicured fingers trembled against her equally redlips as her feet paced frantically across the tiled floor of theirante room. She hadn’t made it to the living room nor into their bedroom where she should be.

Her nude Chanel bag hung carelessly over the arm of the red leather sofa, exactly where she had flung it 10 minutes ago. Her palms perspired as she held both against her face.

“O-Oh my God!” she stuttered, “O-O-Oh my God!!”

The pace of her feet increased as the anxiety in her heart heightened. Back and forth she went, a heavy lump pulsating in the middle of her throat. Her bladder felt like it would burst the next minute, but she would rather let it break than face Alex.

She threw her foot backward and reached down her right hand to pull her stiletto off her burning feet, she repeated the same action for the other leg and felt like removing her wig which was at this moment adding to her burden.

She would pee right on this floor if she didn’t make it to the bathroom immediately, so she sprang towards the visitors room, clapped down the toilet seat, wiggled out of her panties and collapsed down on the toilet just in time for her urine to come splashing through.

A streak of tear ran down her now smeared makeup as she waited impatiently for her bladder to be completely emptied. She sniffled, tugged at the tissue down its holder and wiped herself up. She stood to her feet, dropped the used tissue in the toilet and flushed it off.

As she walked to the door, she paused by the mirror on the wall and stared at her reflection. A beautiful woman she was –  round faced beauty, long chin, small nose, long straight weave, but now with her red eyes, puffy from crying since the hospital, she looked like a beautiful mess.

Her lips curved downwards, quivered and she burst into new set of tears.

She cried there for some minutes, then walked out of the toilet to her handbag, collected her phone and dialed her best friend – Adaora.

She planted her hand to her hip and walked back and forth as she listened to Adaora’s phone ring against her ear.

“Hello dear..” came Adaora’s voice

“Babe I’m finished!” she got right into it, flinging her free hand over her head.

“Why what happened?” her friends tone switched instantly to that of worry.

“I am finished Ada, I am finished” she cried.

“Shola you are scaring me, what is it?”

“Ada my marriage is over….”

“Ooooo what is this na? What happened?”

“You remember Deji, Deji my…”

“Your ex” she completed.

“Yess! hmn, hei God!” Shola flapped her hand, frantically.

“Talk na, you are scaring me”

“Before my wedding to Alex, I-I went to see him…”

“En heh?”

“We were just gisting and one thing led to another and we had sex..”

“You slept with Deji?”

“3 years ago, it was just good bye sex, you know all these last sex with your ex before you walk down the aisle kinda thing… ”

Adaobi didn’t know, but she knew better than to say so. “But that was long time ago” she said instead, “why are we talking about it now?”

“Babe I think he is David’s father”

“En!? Isi gini?, Degi? David’s father! ”

“Hei God I’m finished!” the urge to pee returned and she began to jog on her feet.

“How did you?.. please where are you, are you at home?”

“Yes but you can’t come here now, Alex will be back any moment”

“Does he know?”

“We found out at the same time, today, Ada I didn’t even know”

“My God! but…”

The sound of Alex’s horn rang through into the house, even Adaora heard it.

“Is that him?” She quickly inquired.

“Yes, I have to go bye”

“Cal….” She started to say when Shola cut her off.

She dropped her phone to the sofa and resumed pacing the floor.

She could hear the gateman slide the gate open and her husband drive in. She listened as he got out of the car and slammed it shut.

That slam resonated in her mind like a loud thunder.

She grew more anxious as she imagined him walking towards the house.

When the front door pulled open, she almost wet her pants.

Alex stepped into the ante room and banged the door shut behind him.

He stood by the doorway, staring at his wife with the scariest frown she thought she had ever seen. She could see his tightened jaw, pulsating against his chin and his eyes darken with rage. His chest rose and fell against his brown polo tee shirt.

Shola pleaded with her eyes, lips quivering, heart scared to death.

“Get out” Alex commanded.

She dropped to her knees, rubbing her palms together pleadingly, shaking her head.

“Get out!” he repeated, his tone a pitch higher.

“I can explain”

“I am going to count to five, and if you are not gone by the count of five, I would throw you out myself, you don’t want me to do that” He warned, shaking his head at her, eyes reddened with fury.

“B-baby please give me a …”


“Baby I didn’t know” her hands rubbed faster together.


“Baby I swear to God I had no idea that…”


“I love you…” she cried, “I don’t wan….”

“Four, five!” He charged at her and she raced on all fours to the back of the couch.

“I am sorry” she spoke as she hid her body behind the couch.

Alex twirled to reach her, she dodged, crawling out to the water dispenser.

He jumped on top of the chair and stomped down in front of her.

She rose to her feet with Alex on her heels. She ran to the couch that held her bag, snatched it, and stood begging with her back to the wall.

Alex was breathing through his nose now, not out of breath as he was a healthy, well fit thirty five year old man, but because ofthe anger that over whelmed him.

His chest rose and fell with his fists clenched by his side, glaringat a begging Shola.

“I can explain,” she cried, “I promise, it’s you I love…”

He charged at her, she ducked, ran to her shoes, he chased after her. She snatched the shoes from the floor with Alex’s hand almost grabbing her dress. She ducked, ran, round the sofa they dribbled.

He got hold of her, she screamed, he lifted her by the waist with her back to him

“Babe please” she begged, holding tightly unto her bag and shoes. Letting one hand go, he turned the door knob open, and threw a distraught Shola out, quickly, he stepped back wards into the house, banging the door shut.

“Aaaarrrgh!!!!!!!!!” he roared, alone.

-5th July 2017-

“Doctor how is he?” Alex’s mother asked as she hovered over David’s bed, wrestling with one arm of her wrapper. She then placed her palm over the sleeping boy’s temple and looked up to the doctor who was removing his stethoscope from his ears.

“He will be okay ma” the young doctor replied the aged woman. “Is this his last drip?” he asked the nurse who stood beside him,taking notes.


“The blood has circulated properly through his body, and he is responding well to his medication. He should be fit to go home by evening”

“Thank you Doctor” Alex and his mother chorused.  

“Any further questions?”

“No” Alex spoke, rising to his feet. He extended his hand to the doctor for a shake, and said, “Thank you”.

The nurse led the way out of the private ward with the doctor following closely behind. Alex’s mother followed. 

She closed the door securely after the doctor and turned to her son in exclamation, “Ah, Shola!” with her hands crossed against her stomach.

Alex tapped his foot continuously on the floor, leaning forward on his knees.

She held out her palm and cocked her head slightly to the side, “Alex I told you not to marry that girl o, ehn? I warned you, but you were so in love you didn’t listen to anybody. I saw it!, the way that girl is so beauty conscious, carrying herself sekpe sekpelike one butterfly, ehn?”

Alex hissed, “Mama this is not helping my situation right now..”

“Why will it help? When I was warning you, did you listen? Now look at this fine boy” she gesticulated towards David, “How can I let him go, just like that, my only grand son, my only grand child, yei, Shola has finished me!” She threw her hands over her head and started to cry.

“Mama stop this thing na, you will wake David”

She sniffed

“Mama please stop…”

The door pushed open, slightly nudging Alex’s mother as she was still standing by it. The aged woman stepped aside and rudely looked out for who was walking in.

It was Shola, all so meekly.

“You want to push me down?!” Alex’s mother snapped, “did you not see me standing by the door?”

“Mama good morning, I’m sorry I did not”

“Why will you see?” she queried, “Am I a man? If it was man now, your eyes go shine enter road” she hissed lengthily and turned to her son. “Give me my bag, I am going”

Alex stretched out his hand to the  bedside table and picked up his mother’s bag. He rose.

“Are you leaving?” Shola whispered painfully, ignoring her mother in law as she eyed her up and down “Please let me talk to you”

“Mama abeg let’s go!”

The aged woman nodded strongly and turned around towards the door, she opened it

As Alex made to leave, Shola softly held his hand and he instantly yanked free. He pointed a finger and her and gritted his teeth, “Don’t you ever, touch me again” he warned.

A tear dropped down Shola’s eye, and he stomped out the ward.

Shola stood still, her back to her son’s bed, shedding warm tears.

“Mum?” David murmured, coming awake.

To Be Continued…..


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