Your pregnancy at 10 weeks

Your baby at 10 weeks

The ears are starting to develop on the sides of your baby’s head, and the ear canals are forming inside the head. If you could look at your baby’s face, you’d be able to see an upper lip and 2 tiny nostrils in the nose. The jawbones are developing and already contain all the future milk teeth. The heart is now fully formed. It beats 180 times a minute – that’s 2 to 3 times faster than your own heart. The baby is making small, jerky movements that can be seen on an ultrasound scan.

You at 10 weeks

You can arrange for screening to find the baby’s chance of having Down’s syndrome, as part of your maternity care. Pregnant women and their babies are at higher risk from flu (influenza) and whooping cough (pertussis). Domestic violence during pregnancy puts women and their unborn child in danger of miscarriage, infections and other complications. Abuse often starts in pregnancy, and may be physical, emotional or financial in nature.