Your pregnancy at 25 weeks

Your baby at 25 weeks

The baby is moving about a lot, and responds to touch and sound. A very loud noise may make them jump and kick, and you’ll be able to feel this. Your baby is regularly passing urine into the amniotic fluid. Sometimes the baby may get hiccups and you can feel the jerk of each hiccup.

You at 25 weeks

You may have some swelling in your face, hands or feet. This might be caused by water retention, which is normal – try resting and lifting up your swollen feet to ease it. Be sure to mention any swelling to your midwife or doctor so they can take your blood pressure and rule out a condition called pre-eclampsia, which can cause swelling. Other symptoms of pre-eclampsia include severe headache, vision problems such as blurring or flashing lights, and pain under the ribs. It’s common to get backache in pregnancy as your bump grows and your body prepares for labour and birth.