Your pregnancy at 30 weeks

Your baby at 30 weeks

The sucking reflex is developing by now and your baby can suck its thumb or fingers. The baby is growing plumper, and the skin begins to look less wrinkled and much smoother. The white, greasy vernix and the soft, furry, fine hair (lanugo) that have covered your baby’s skin for some time begin to disappear.

You at 30 weeks

Leg cramps at night are common at around 29 to 32 weeks. You may find it hard to sleep because you cannot get comfortable. Try lying curled up on your side with a pillow between your legs and a cushion under your bump. You might also find you need to pee a lot. Itching is common in pregnancy and often gets better with self-care, but sometimes it can be a symptom of a liver condition called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), also known as obstetric cholestasis (OC).