What are you teaching your daughter?


What are you teaching your daughter? Learning how to do chores is good but what else? Teaching hygiene is good, but what else? Do you take time out to give her some useful life lessons or do you just let life take over and hope she gets taught along the way.

Training your girl child is much more than doing just house chores, learning how to be a good wife etc. How about teaching them something more personal? Equipping them for other aspects of life ahead. As much as you want it and desire it, your daughter’s life is not going to be pain-free. She is going to be faced with situations that will tear her heart out in the future, and cause her to lose hope, faith and courage. You cannot protect her for the rest of her life, so you might as well teach her to be strong. Teach your daughter to shake off the difficulties, setbacks and failures she comes across, to learn from them, to take a step up and to MOVE ON.

I have heard people say in passing that it does not really matter what a girl child does she will only end up in the kitchen of a man. Fair enough. But it does not have to be a backyard, firewood cooking kitchen. It can be well equipped with internet access, high tech kitchen wares and maybe even a flatscreen tv to keep up with the news while managing her multi-million business from inside the same kitchen. I am sure you get my point. Do not ever, even in passing, insinuate that it does not matter how she does in school since she will get married eventually and her husband will look after her. Your daughter may be very fortunate and end up marrying a man who will love and cherish her for the rest of her life, but you cannot shut your eyes to the fact that this dream just might not come true for her. And while you are praying for her to marry a good man, teach her how to be a well rounded woman who will be a helper to the good man she marries (mother of sons too want heir sons to marry a good woman).

Teach your daughter early how to be financially independent. Encourage her with her studies and teach her how to read good books that help her dream. Ask her questions about her dreams – what does she want to become when she grows up? Her passion in life will provide fulfillment. Her gift (if nurtured) will make room for her. So encourage your daughter to have one and nurture it for her starting from an early age. Be her role model or teach her about successful women who have overcome setbacks and went on to excel in life – Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama or even You – if you are living up to the standard you want her to emulate.

Finally, when God destined Moses for greatness, he had to grow in a different environment. Why? Because he needed a renewal of his mind. He had to grow away from the slavery mentality. He needed to have a way of life different from that of his people. He needed to stand out. How do I translate that – teach your daughter to stand out. We need to teach our daughters different. Get her away from the mentality that her life starts and ends with being with a man. Please note that I have not talked about equality with man, but that they should stand out on their own and be open to more opportunities out there. Teach them, not with bitterness of your past experience but with wisdom. Help your daughters to dream, to plan and to succeed. Help your daughters reach for the stars!

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