What is ‎#yimu?


”What is this yimu?” my oyibo friend asked me. Pushing his mouth forward as if blowing a kiss. See me see question o. ”I see it a lot on twitter especially with my nigerian friends” he continued. ”so I googled it and saw this picture but I still don’t understand what it means”.

I couldn’t explain it – so I burst out laughing – and in a bid to explain and describe it – I looked like a baboon.

I said we Nigerians are a funny lot we use our part of the body to describe what we are trying to say and most times that mouth push can mean two things depending on how you use it.(Just like antonyms and synonyms, right?).

You can use it

– When you disagree with what someone is saying or you think someone has another motive other than what they claim – you can do the #yimu with your mouth pushing up your nose in disbelief.

On the other hand

Now, imagine this, you are washing the dishes and your hands are all covered in soap, you don’t want to leave what you are doing so you ask your child to bring you a stray cup that you have to wash, and what do you do? You use your yimu mouth to point to the direction of the cup.

People tend to point at things with their fingers, I mean, it only makes sense. However, we Nigerians have created our own way of pointing. As a growing child you have probably grown up and witnessed your parents, aunties, uncles, etc. use their lips to point to something. That “something”, which they may refer to as “dis tin‘” is probably within their arms reach, but well that’s another story.

”So you see”, I said to my Oyibo friend – ”its not that simple”. But to answer your question which I believe is what you are asking, lets google it. (Afterall google knows everything)

According to google

”Yimu is a name, originated from asia, represents extreme greatness and/or brilliance. It is also a symbol for dazzling beauty, or simply, perfection.

When describing an amazing person. “The guy is simply Yimu!”

(uhn??? You need to see my face after reading that and the expression with my mouth? You guessed it right)

Stupid google – Google knows everything indeed. #yimu

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