Why Men cheat


Don’t read this if you are woman!!

I often get asked why men cheat? And I say it is because there are women.

Sorry! The truth is women are getting more beautiful by the day and men face a lot of battles fighting temptation. No sane man wants to look like a wet dog confessing to being a cheat. We need help. We need your prayers. Men are prone to making mistakes , yes even falling for Delilah.

1. Wives step up, competition is fierce.

2. We were programmed by society to think all women want is sex. And your competition is doing nothing to dispel this.

3. You need to tell us we are not good in bed and stop faking orgasms. Most men fail in this aspect so TEACH US.

4. Stop nagging. When you busy opening your mouth he would run to the lady who opens something else.

5. Create time for him. He knows he had children but don’t impress it him like you are the maid. Stop your fake headaches.

6. He doesn’t want to see your breast all the time. Haha! Are you in the village? Most men first see the breast before the woman. That’s why porn sells. So keep yours like a treat. Don’t let him get used to it.

7. Find time to educate him about what it is to be a woman. Don’t seat there and expect him to know. He is not that psychic.

8. Treat him like a king. If you don’t rub his head, someone else would rub it and it.

9. Note that you can only do your best, but never get complacent. Vultures are waiting out there.

10. Unless your husband is a chronic cheat this won’t apply. Men get easily aroused when their sperm bank is full. keep a diary of this. Make sure you deplete that bank as often as possible. This would help him focus the more.

11. Make sure you have sex even when he doesn’t feel like. You would say he would push away. Not to worry, that bad boy has its own brain. Touch it and it would respond.

12. Go and do it all.

Disclaimer: You have read this at your own risk. I never asked you to get pregnant in the process. ‪#‎MumsAloud‬



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