Year 2050 (AD) – Remote control for babies


If at any point in time you have silently wished your child had come with a manual and a remote control, then you are not alone.

The rate at which technology is advancing – ipods, ipad, iphones, ikids – I won’t be surprised if the kids of the future start coming with their own manuals.

I wished.

It may not be such a bad idea, but what would I want the manufacturer to include in the remote control? hmmm

My remote control specification:

1. Easy to Use : Firstly, it has to be simple and easy to use , needs to use batteries (as I still can not vouch for PHCN by then)

2. Should have Volume control : This button will be very useful especially for those ‘why ‘ days. You know, those days when the kids want all their questions answered while you want a peaceful drive to the market or to church or better still the temper tantrums that you are in no mood to deal with yet. It will also be good for turning the volume up while your teenage child is on the phone with her ‘boyfriend’.

3. On/Off Button : The power to turn on and off at any time will be priceless don’t you think?  Turn off to take some rest, take a deep breath, have a nice soothing shower without interruption. Then as they get older, you can turn on to get their lazy butts off bed on Saturday morning to help with cleaning up.  That way you do not need to sprinkle water on them to get up.

Isn’t that what technology is about – making life easier?

4. Play button: This button will be very handy for those Sunday afternoon moments when you are bored and really need a good laugh

5. Setup Button: For when you have an outing and you want your kids to be at their best behaviour. No screaming, biting or fighting. Just set it up and forget it and have fun at your outing or whatever the occasion.

6. Fast Forward: For those early morning waking up to clean and prepare the kids for school while your eyes are burning. It will also be useful for those sibling fighting days when you do not have the energy to be a referee. *sigh*

7. Rewind: May not really be useful for everyday activities, but will come in much handy when they are grown ups. I will be very happy to relive those ‘awww, very sweet of you moments’. When they say – oh mum, you were right after all. ‘I love you’ or the mother’s day treats.

8. Help Button: This should be used as often as possible. When you are drowning in so much work and the maid decided of all the days that she has to go and visit her parents in the village. Or when Daddy is complaining of back ache and can not help to watch the kids while you cook dinner.

9. Stop button: Am sure most mothers will love this button on their remote control the most. The button that helps you stop time that goes so fast especially when you really need to rest.

While these may still be a mums wild imagination and wish, we can only hope that the technology gurus can look into this situation and help save a mum some stress. Even the year 2050 won’t be too late.


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